There is a lot of information out there about mammograms and breast self-exams. But one thing is certain! Early detection of breast cancer remains the key to survival.

A screening mammogram can help detect breast cancer in its early and most treatable stages. The American Cancer Society recommends yearly screening mammograms for women 45-54 and biannual screenings for women 55 and older.

Talk to your healthcare provider about your risk factors, which include age, family history and genetics. Even an increase in weight, poor diet and lack of exercise can increase your risk. Even obesity, poor diet and lack of exercise can increase the risks. Then determine, with your healthcare provider's input, what's best for you. Is it time for a baseline mammogram? Yearly screening mammograms? And what about self-exams?

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For a list of risk factors and American Cancer Society recommendations, visit Appointments are on a first-come, first-served basis. An order from a physician or qualified healthcare provider is not required, but the patient must provide a physician/provider name when an appointment is made. If the patient does not have a physician/provider, a list will be provided for selection. All mammogram reports will be sent to the physician/provider, and the patient is responsible for follow-up. *Check with your insurance provider to confirm coverage for a screening mammogram.