CT Scanner

Thanks to CT scanning (computed tomography, often called a "CAT" scan) doctors can view a "slice" of the human body painlessly. Often used to diagnose life-threatening conditions and issues like cancer, blood clots, infections, lung and liver disease, head and spine injuries and internal bleeding, Dukes Memorial Hospital includes CT scans among the variety of diagnostic tools we use to give patients of all ages a clear picture of illness and injury.

CT Scans are painless but precise ways to capture selected cross-sections of organs, the skull and other parts of the body. CT combines X-ray and computer technology to produce detailed cross-sectional images of the bones and soft tissues in your body, making it a highly effective diagnostic tool. CT Scans offer a view to the body's internal structures in greater detail. Like x-rays, they're fast and full of important diagnostic clues. Dukes Memorial Hospital utilizes a Siemens 64-slice CT, which rapidly produces high-quality images with a highly knowledgeable staff trained to perform routine and specialized imaging of the body, musculoskeletal system, nervous system, as well as, CT angiography and CardiacRisk assessment (Cardiac Scoring).